Our Mission

The Colorado Wheelchair Tennis Foundation's mission is to “Promote wheelchair tennis throughout the state of Colorado to players of all ages, sex, race and levels of play; act as a resource to further the development of the state's competitive players; and encourage the incorporation of wheelchair tennis into the mainstream.”

Non Profit Group of Volunteers

The CWTF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. We are a group of volunteers who are passionate about the game of tennis. The CWTF is run by an Executive Director who is supported by a Board of Directors.

Non-profit Info 501(c)(3) number 84-1258805

About Us: CWTF

Non Profit Group of Volunteers

Colby Kortum,  President  kortum.colby@gmail.com

Akiji Koiwalakai, Vice President  akijikoi@gmail.com

Phil Peabody, Secretary  philpeabody@gmail.com

Suzie Linenberger,  "Acting" Treasurer    dlinenb@msn.com

Kelly Buckley, Event Director  kellylbuckley@gmail.com

Wayne Bennett,  Veterans Coordinator  wayneb1976@gmail.com

Consulting Board Members

Kristy Harris, USTA Colorado liaison

Rick Ruscio


Board of Directors