Dear Up/Down Mixed Players,

As restrictions are being lifted and many of us are getting our vaccinations, we are wanting to start up a Up/Down Mixed Summer League that will take place 2-4pm on the following Saturdays:









For those of you that are interested in playing here are the details as to how this will work:

League Format: A "team" consists of one wheelchair A player and one able bodied 3.5/4.0 player. Based on the number of teams that we have we will have 1-2 courts scheduled on the dates of play.  

I would like to have the same players make a team, such as Jason and Tayler are a team.  If you do not have a partner, I will assign teams based on level and availability (see Doodle Poll below).

In the event a team cannot play on a scheduled date, a make up match will be rescheduled.  Only 2 rescheduled matches, due to schedule conflicts will be allowed.  Weather related reschedules are the exception.

Each team will report their scores to me each week and I will send out a weekly update of team standings.

All matches will be played out of the APEX Tennis Center.

Match Format:  A "team" consists of one wheelchair A player and one able bodied 3.5/4.0 player.  Each scheduled date will have two teams play a match, best out of 3 sets.  In lieu of a third set, a 10pt tie break will be played, unless time allows for a full third set and if the majority agrees to play a full third set.  If there is not a majority consensus, a tie-breaker will be played.  See USTA Friend at Court:

How to JOIN the League:

To join and play in the league, ALL players must be a member of the North Jeffco Tennis Club.

If you are only playing one league out of the North Jeffco Tennis Club, you can sign up for the one-league and socials membership for $50.  The membership pays for the court fees and club administrative fees.  Here is the link to the NJTC Membership form:

Please also contact Susan Bolton at to let me know you are participating and please fill out the Doodle Poll below.

Please complete this Doodle Poll to provide me with (to the best of your knowledge) your availability, I will try to schedule the matches according to your schedules.

Doodle: 2021 Summer Up/Down Mixed League



Doodle: 2021 Summer Up/Down Mixed League

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If you have questions or other players who are interested in playing in the Up/Down Mixed Summer League, please let me know!  We are always looking for ways to grow the game and to get as many tennis players playing Up/Down Tennis!